The following pages contain miscellaneous job photos which didn’t quite fit into the other categories. I wrote a brief description below each photo to help clarify things.

In older and new homes alike, the laundry is often given little attention when installed. As this photo shows, a bit of
tile not only protects the area from the inevitable water splashes, but also keeps the area looking good and easy to clean.

I constructed this set of compost bins so the front slats can easily be removed which makes shifting compost from bin to bin a breeze.

The front room of this Selwyn bach had seen better days, so I removed and replace the floor and rebuilt the walls, including building and installing the new windows.

After I enclosed the area under the stairs in this Green Park home, I built and installed the door. In addition, I made a new Rimu handrail for the stairs.
This is a set of angled steps I constructed in Kennedy's Bush so the owners could access their lower garden a bit easier. (Later, the owners filled in between the steps with shingle.)
This glasshouse is recessed into the ground, complete with lights, a sink, cupboards and a fan. The windows are twin wall polycarbonate, which is UV resistant and impervious to hail.
This shipping container was going to be accessed frequently over the coming years, so I was asked to make it a bit more user friendly with the wee roof and man door.
This commercial entryway in Lincoln needed a bit of freshening up with a new tile job.
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